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Magento integrated solution

Focus on Magento for more than ten years, you can develop and customize any function according to any need

Brand B2C shopping system

You can customize the SAME CHARM big e-commerce system according to your idea. You dare to imagine, we implement it rigorously! From front-end interface customization to business mode logic rewriting (such as B2B2C, hotel, ticket booking logic, etc.), payment module, logistics , as well as enterprise management, ERP, CRM integration and other back-end functions. According to your industry characteristics, to meet your needs. (original deep custom development, you can apply for software copyright)

magento b2b jianzhan


Efficient B2B wholesale, ordering, supply chain solutions - use IT to improve efficiency, never focus on labor, spend time, labor costs on the business itself, more ROI!
Management entry: from computer to mobile phone, webpage to WeChat, physical store to APP, input the inventory number, scan the qr code, enter
Marketing entry: from search engine to social media, industry circle to accurate target customers (avoid the display of marketing activities in the same industry) and other dimensions, it helps B2B business in an all-round way.


C2B crowdfunding and customization system

Starting from the business model,e-commerce is no longer simply buying and selling, flexible combination of crowdfunding, custom (App application-level ordering - support for Apple and Android), support for 360-degree shoes, jewelry and other customization, group purchase, Spike, lottery, countdown, sweeping red envelopes and other modes, so that customers' online shopping becomes an entertainment activity, loyal fans will increase
Personalized product customization,a clear stream in the Red Sea market, automatically synchronized to Pinterest, Instagram and FB channels, small and beautiful models deep in the name and name. B2B2C生态级平台 B2B2C ecological platform

magento c2b dingzhi xitong
magento b2b2c multi vendor

B2B2C ecological platform

Direct B2C sales + multi-merchant settlement - easy access to any website products and import,With merchants selling points, monthly rent, big data, advertising space and other profit models; ultra-high standard multi-language platform solutions, millions of product keywords ranked to Google, Bing and other home pages (welcome with international top platforms on SEO Contrast, competition);
Integrate App、Distribution, Social Media Marketing, ERP and other systems, and also integrate localized national conditions according to customer industry characteristics, and customize functions according to requirements.


Magento Enterprise Integration Solution

Easily integrate SAP, Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Odoo, etc., or customize any ERP, CRM, POS system

magento erp,magento crm


Magento website