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Server - architecture design

Highly concurrency, high availability, distributed, AWS architecture, customized design for multiple application scenarios

International e-commerce and IT system hosting operation and maintenance

International Standard Identification and ImplementationProvide customized solutions based on industry characteristics, business characteristics, customer goals and audience


Server industry-level operation and maintenance

Focus on acceleration, high traffic, high concurrency, high availability, distributed, global nodes, etc.


Specialized server incurable diseases

erver downtime, slow speed, inefficient business processing, inadequate hardware performance, hacking and other server problems


Once selected, courageous

If you use our commercial maintenance! Even if it is the mistake caused by the company before the company, we are brave enough to take responsibility, there is no excuse to deal with all problems

Standardize implementation and escort your business

Over the years, we have received countless cases of failed server implementations around the world, or failed maintenance and then transferred to us. We follow development standards, manage third-party customer governance server problems, provide customers with top-level server maintenance services, and handle all issues.。

magento 修复维护

International industrial level environmental stability support

Second-speed acceleration,easy to face large traffic, high concurrent application scenarios, 24*365 online rate is greater than 99.998%, professional solution for slow server speed, upgrade/downgrade, repair, kill Trojan, Security reinforcement, relocation and other problems. Years of server project practical experience sincerely provide industrial-grade environmental stability support for your service


SAME CHARM eco-level solution

supports Linux/Uxin, Windows/WP, Android, IOS and other systems


Server solution